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K-Sun PEARLabel® 400iXL Label Printer
K-Sun PEARLabel® 360 PC and Mac® Label Printer
K-Sun PEARLabel® 270 PC and Mac® Label Printer
K-Sun 2020LSTB Label Printer
K-Sun BEE3®-EZ and BEE3®-EZ+ Label Printers
K-Sun LABELShop® 2010-PC Label Printer
K-Sun LABELShop® 2012XLST Label Printer
K-Sun LABELShop® 2012XLST-PC Label Printer
K-Sun LABELShop® 2011XLB Label Printer
K-Sun LABELShop® 2011XLB-PC Label Printer

K-Sun LABELlab® 7550KI Label Printer
K-Sun LABELlab® MINI Label Printer
K-Sun LABELlab® 9600Ki Label Printer
K-Sun LABELlab® 6360 Label Printer
K-Sun LABELlab® 6200-PC Label Printer
K-Sun LABELlab® 6000 XL-pc Label Printer
K-Sun LABELlab® 1440Ki Label Printer
K-Sun LABELlab® 1640Ki Label Printer
K-Sun LABELlab® 1660Ki-PC Label Printer

.47" (12mm) Tape

1/4" (6mm) LABELScape Tapes
3/8" (9mm) LABELScape Tapes
1/2" (12mm) LABELScape Tapes
3/4" (18mm) LABELScape Tapes
1" (24mm) LABELScape Tapes

.35" (9mm) Tape



PipeMarker V.2


K-Sun 4000XL and 4000XXL
Labeling Tapes

Fire Department Accountability Kits
Product Kits
Accountability Products

1/4" (6mm) Casio Tapes
3/8" (9mm) Casio Tapes
1/2" (12mm) Casio Tapes
3/4" (18mm) Casio Tapes
1" (24mm) Casio Tapes


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K-Sun PEARLabel® 400iXL 
The Easy, Economical Solution for Making Wide Format Industrial Labels and Heat Shrink Tube Identification


The Easy, Economical Solution for Making Compliant & Custom Pipe Markers On-Demand

The 400iXL is a versatile cartridge based, wide-format thermal transfer printer that prints on adhesive tapes and wide-format heat shrink tube. With 5 ribbon cartridges to choose from, you can quickly and easily make 2-color or multi-colored labels on demand. Each 400iXL comes with K-Sun's MaxiLabel® Pro Ver 5.0 software, which is included FREE. It is now very affordable to make labels for a variety of industrial labeling needs such as wire-marking, safety signs, GHS labels, ANSI / OSHA labels and much, much more.


The K-Sun Pipe Marking Solution is the most complete and professional marking system for pipes, conduit, utility cables, valves, hoses and tubes. PipeMarker allows you to choose from over 500 pre-formatted markers or create custom markers by combining text, warning headers, serialization numbers, flow arrows and more. Markers print using the 400iXL and K-Tape supplies. Markers are self-adhesive and aggressively adhere to a wide range of surfaces indoors and outside.


Hawk Labeling Systems is a direct distributor of labeling and identification products for business and industrial applications.

Hawk Labeling Systems offers a wide array of identification supplies and solutions to satisfy labeling needs in commercial and industrial facilities. Our main product lines include MaxiSoft® Safety Identification Software Solutions, K-Sun Corporation LABELShop® and LABELlab® labeling machines and supplies, and Brother® International labeling machines. Our technical knowledge of these product lines and the labeling industry is superior. Because we have over 11 years experience in the identification industry, we are able to help with any questions and provide creative solutions to the toughest identification challenges.

 LABELShop® Label Printers

 LABELlab® Label Printers

K-Sun LABELShop® label printers are compact, lightweight labeling systems with the power you need for professional results in applications ranging from office to home, plant to lab, warehouse to retail, and more. The K-Sun LABELShop® portable label machines let you create your own custom adhesive-backed labels on the job for all your storage and inventory marking, signs and warnings, equipment and tool ID, as well as hundreds of other applications in the lab or field.


A six label machine family that satisfies all labeling needs. All LABELlab® labeling machines use the same tapes. The K-Sun LABELlab® 9600Ki is the machine most suited for professional, industrial and high volume labeling. The full-sized, standard keyboard makes data input and label design the fastest of all the LABELlab® label machines. Labels from the 9600Ki range from 1/4" all the way to 1 1/2", maximizing labeling flexibility. The auto-cut with crack and peel liner scoring feature makes label application especially easy. Overall , the 9600Ki efficiently produces the highest quality labels for nearly every labeling need.

 Brother® Label Supplies  MaxiSoft® Safety Software

The Brother® P-touch Electronic Labeling System offers the fastest, most efficient way to create labels for virtually any home, office, business, school or industrial application—there's a P-touch labeling machine for everyone.
From handheld and desktop models to label printers that work with your PC or Mac, P-touch electronic label machines produce durable, colorful labels. Applications for P-touch labels are virtually infinite. And P-touch label machines are so easy to use.


MaxiSoft® hazard identification software solutions are used to make safety signs, chemical labels, product safety labels, pipe markers, a variety of labels and tags. The premise of MaxiSoft® Software programs is to put the power of safety identification into the users hands. By making safety signs, pipe markers, Right-To-Know chemical labels, and product safety labels in-house, MaxiSoft Software users achieve several important goals.

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